an opening to space.
a giving through grace.


poet. guide. protector.


mentorship programs.

sometimes it feels like life gets far away from us, like we missed the path we were destined to take, and have ended up in a place we don't know. life isn't about staying above the lows, or on the upside of down, we're always going to come across some level of adversity, so it’s about learning tools that keep you close to yourself while life is pulling you in every direction but the one you thought you’d go.

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200hr yoga teacher training.

this course is designed to open a greater connection to who we are at the heart of it all. we will strip away the things and the stuff that prevents us from creating the life we dream of. this training will significantly develop and advance your practice, and also provide you with tools to move forward in life from a place of self-acceptance and self-love. this program is beneficial to anyone seeking more fulfillment in life.

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spacious embrace.

we will explore the chakra system through movement, meditation and conversation to deepen our practice and understanding of why we are the way that we are.

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heart school.

yoga is so much more than what happens on the mat. these sessions are designed to take us from our head to the space of our heart; we will pull on strings to loosen the weave of our past, creating space to move forward in the direction we intend to go. each workshop incorporates movement, meditation and self study to explore a specific topic. please bring a journal.

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finding freedom.

it is within our capacity and courage to look back on what has been to open space to begin again.



threads from my heart.